Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mitchell Leisen - No Time for Love (1943)

A photographer is assigned to get pictures of the men digging a tunnel under the Hudson River and meets an outspoken man who cannot avoid her.


Another of Claudette Colbert's snappy, breezy comedies full of wisecracks and bon mots. She is in top form and supported by a top cast (June Havoc, Richard Haydn, Ilka Chase). The premise is slight - she is a fashion magazine photographer and Fred MacMurray is a sandhog building a new underground transportation tunnel. Opposites attract and they bicker their way towards love. The Art Direction was deservedly Oscar nommed - the elaborate recreation of an underground tunnel under construction - but the witty, sophisticated Screenplay deserved a nod as well. This is in the line of Colbert's other small gems (Guest Wife, Skylark ) and she is always a delight to watch. Highly recommended.

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